We are Ologic – The premier choice for IT repairs for the insurance and warranty markets. Get in touch today to see what we can do for you.

Skilled Engineers

All of our highly skilled technicians have an in-depth knowledge across a wide selection of different products and devices.

Global Parts Sourcing

We are able to source parts from a huge database of global suppliers, ensuring that only the highest quality components are used.

Extensive Inspections

Our dedication to quality control and customer service is aided by our extensive and detailed inspection reporting on each and every job.

Ologic are specialists in technology repairs for the insurance and warranty market. Formed in 2003, we now have over a decade’s experience in the field of IT repair. Our directors saw the impending boom in the technology market and diversified the IT repair services to provide a wider range of repair options. We were also the first to introduce some now standard services, including fixed price repairs. Over the years the company has grown and developed as our everyday reliance on digital technology has increased. Ologic was developed in response to a specific need for a quality, dedicated laptop repair specialist within the insurance and warranty market.

Ologic are the largest and most respected technology repair firm in the insurance market. We are known for our exceptional standard of service and quick turnaround, and are responsible for dealing with over 100,000 claims each year, including validation work. We are based in Staffordshire and Hampshire, but our reputation has long meant that they are busy with repair work from across the whole of the UK. Our repair facilities are modern and fully equipped, and the engineering team are highly experienced and trained to the best possible standards.



You can rest assured that any work trusted to Ologic will be treated with the utmost care and attention to detail. The whole Ologic team pride themselves on exceptional customer service, from your first contact with us to having the repaired item returned to you following a very thorough inspection, and any required repair work having been carried out to the highest standards. Our very skilled electronic engineering team have unrivalled industry knowledge; they have a wealth of experience across all laptop makes and models, so they are very familiar with the common faults each suffers from, as well as being aware of how to resolve issues that are less generally well known. This wealth of experience, built up over time, means they are able to compare your issues to similar situations, to think outside the box and supply bespoke solutions to their clients.

Financially, Ologic are also the natural choice. Building on being the first company to offer a fixed price repair option on laptops within our field, Ologic can offer you extremely competitive rates, excellent savings and superior value compared to their competitors, with a variety of pricing packages available. We can offer a range of deals depending what is best suited to your requirements, including guaranteed repairs for both fixed and variable costs. Customer specific pricing packages are also available. Each repair job undertaken comes with an extensive and detailed inspection report, so you know exactly what work has been undertaken and what you have paid for. We are also able to source parts globally, ensuring that only the highest quality components are used in each repair job, and are specific to a make and model where required.